New Search Option Suggestion - Filter by "Country Exclusive"

  • As the title already suggests: sometimes it would be really handy to have the option to filter a specific country without seeing all the other countries. E.g. if i now filter only 1 country (Canada), i still see the list of movies from all kind of different countries including Canada. But if i know that i can watch a movie already "in my own country" (e.g. UK) i do not necessarly need the information that i can watch it from Canada. In this case a "Country Exclusive" filter option would be a great addition so that if you select a certain country, only the movies which are exclusive (= the movie is not offered in any other country) will be displayed.

  • administrators

    An interesting feature... I will look into it!

  • @admin Similarly, a way to exclude a country. I just want to be able to uncheck USA so I don't see the stuff I already know about.



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