$63.70 and $190.40 of overage fees! Your system has a bug! Rapidapi doesn't answer my mails!

  • I'm 100% sure that I never exceed my quota. I run my app manually and each request checks the remaining number of API calls.

    The $190.40 overage doesn't even appear on the dashboard. I hadn't noticed the $63.70 overage fees, it does appear on the dashboard, but it was in early January when your API had a bug and always returned "999 API calls remaining". For that date (and that date only) it's possible that I inadvertently exceeded because I was driving blind because of your bug.

    I like your API, but please help me to get my money back.

    Pascal Baspeyras.

  • I've just received an answer from Rapidapi and it seems that it'll be ok. I'll tell you if I'm refunded or not.

  • Everything's fine, I've been fully refunded, and RapidApi told me that they've fixed the bug :)


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