The devil is a part timer available in Spain

  • Sorry to make an entire post for this small subject, but I'd just like to mention that The devil is a part timer is in fact available on spanish netflix, despite the site claiming otherwise.

    Here's the page:

  • administrators

    Thanks looks like an issue on our Spanish server, thanks for letting us know

  • administrators

    Ok, we have fixed our issues with Spain but I'm afraid we still do not see this title in that country via vpn or a local server...

    what IP are you coming from? You can see by going here:

  • Sorry for not responding for so long, I originally logged in on my phone so I didn't end up getting any notifications.

    I'm using NordVPN, at the address It's Spain #58.

  • I've done some research, and seems like some countries via Nordvpn actually only give access to US titles. Since I'm not located in America I took the appearance of these new titles as a sign that things were working as intended, even though I was actually never accessing the catalogue I thought I was.


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