API not returning any results!

  • Hello! I am brand new to programing and am trying to reverse engineer what uNoGS is doing. My goal is to have the user enter in the parameters like this site but only return 3 results, however when I make a GET request it is retuning zero results.

    I used the parameters for Node.js using Request from RapidAPI. I have tried to copy and paste from RAPID API using the "advanced Search" options. but it does not return any results. When I enter the same search through the uNogs.com I get results but it generates a different "qs" string.

    Can anyone off any assistance on what I am doing wrong or point me to a guide that can help?

    Here is my code that I got through RapidAPI:

    Here is the results and URL for that uNoGS.com generates.

    https://unogs.com/?q=-!2000,2019-!0,5-!7,10-!0,10-!801362-!Movie-!English-!English-!I Don&cl=78&st=adv&ob=IMDBRating&p=1&ao=and

    Thanks in advanced!

  • administrators

    change your query parameters to the following:
    q: '-!2015,2018-!0,5-!7,10-!0-!Movie-!English-!English-!gt100-!'
    Basically we need to rebuild our interface to not be sh*t and play nice with rapidapi (formerly mashape where this made more sense)


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