European Portuguese ? Brazialin Portuguese ? Confusing !

  • I'm confused .....There is a language listed as Portuguese and one listed as Brazilian I assume this means European Portuguese and Brazilian Portugues respectivly ..... but when I try and filter with Audio : Portuguese AND Subtitles : Portuguese I get lots of results with only Braz Portuguese. How do I find content that has both European Portuguese and Subtitles ? Ta !

  • Sorry that may be a bit confusing do I filter to find content that has Audio AND Subtitles in European Portyguese ? I amd not interested in Brazilian Portuguese.

  • it's like spanish from spain and spanish, from mexico, just the natives understand better the difference. BTW i'm Brazilian

  • I just want to update this thread as this is still a bug as of 01/04/2020.

  • administrators

    have you tried using the language selection on the new website?


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