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    @kala it does stick via a cookie

  • ok cool
    another thing i noticed is that all the unused filters are added to the result URL in addition to the filter selected (makes a long long urls ;P)

  • Hmm it looks to me the cookie region is not read when the top menu Whats New? is selected, those results seem to be global ?

  • NordVPN doesn’t seem to be one of the provider options anymore. Why is that?

  • When we are searching for new content, it seems that the date displayed is the date of the country where it was added for the first time.
    I searched for example the things added the last month in UK and it shows 2018 for some of them and it feels a a bit unintuitive because we don't see the date it was added.

    For the expiring content, we can't see the dates of when the content is expiring only the date when it was added and it seems that they are not classified in chronoligcal order as before.

    And finally when clicking on a movie or a show, seeing all the countries with all the data about them when we want to know the info for only one or two seems to be going the extra mile for something we don't want to know about. The info should follow the filter we are using maybe.

    Otherwise, love the infinite scroll, it so much better this way than having a lot of pages and love the fact that we can search easily the content now with custom filters date and etc ^^

  • @admin I really dislike the new website. I am blind and use audio description when watching Netflix shows. On the old website, it was much easier for me to see what was new with audio description, but now I can't use the advanced search feature because the custom controls don't work with my screen reader. I have tried using the website on several browsers with several different screen readers but to no avail. Please fix this so that blind Netflix customers can also use this website.

  • I'll echo the above mentions that the date of expiry is key to be added to the displayed information, either in addition to or instead of the date added, when searching for items expiring soon.

    Of lesser importance, runtimes are displayed to me in seconds - which is not super intuitive! Would be nice to have those back in hours and minutes, unless I'm missing a setting somewhere?

    Thanks for all the work going in behind the scenes.

  • I don't like this ...terrible on android.

  • NordVPN needs to be put on

  • Really hope you see this soon, it seems like uNoGS is effectively down at the moment as far as the site's essential functions go. When trying to access it on any browser today, the site always says "loading" and search isn't working at all there. I've emailed you on about this too and included a screenshot attached with that email showing the issue. Badly hope you can fix this problem before long, this site provides an absolutely vital service.

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    @scro3982 please try again, we have made some updates to address the concerns mentioned on this forum... Please let us know if you continue to see issues

  • I've tried through twelve different browsers in the last half-hour, every time getting the same issue. Just loaded the site again, same thing :(

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    yeah, thats really strange as its working fine from everywhere I've checked

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    try manually loading this js source as that is what caused the original issue:

  • Just loaded that link on Firefox - after I did that, seems like the site started working normally again on every browser!

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    yup, sorry about that our internal cdn didn't push the file out in time...
    The good news is, the fix it pushed did the following:

    • added expiry dates when using the expiring filter
    • sorts by expiry date
    • fixes runtime issues
    • added nord VPN (please let us know if the correct countries are represented for this provider)

  • Thanks for the quick work on the expiry dates, much appreciated.

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    re: screen readers
    sorry about that...
    until I clean up the current search interface to play nice with audio descriptions, please use the above link to access the old site.

  • Please fix subtitle search. It would be greatly appreciated!

  • Thanks for putting expiring dates back. However not all expiring titles are showing up like before the update


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