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  • I will miss the "Country Detail" section dearly, because ON ONE PAGE there was AT ONCE all the summary information on the countries that I need and by pressing one of the two buttons (per country) I could see the details . Now I need "click and click and click" to get the same amount of information.
    alt text

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    or you could just bookmark a direct link to what you are after...
    That being said, we will get new countrydetails at some point in the near future.
    in the meantime feel free to use

  • Nice work.

    -Found a typo on the movie details page it says "Loading Counties..."

    -When on the movie page going to IMDb section, if it says "Search IMDB for Title" it will open the link on the same tab. But if it says "Open Title in IMDB" then it will open the link in a new tab (which i prefer btw and it was like that on the old site).

    -Also i prefered the old runtime format "runtime:2h57m" instead of commas and space between like it is now "runtime:1 h, 53 m, 2 s". Maybe it is just me but i found it a quicker read before.

    And like already mentioned i really would like to see being able to create an account and adding titles to a watchlist. Hopefully that will happen with the next update.

  • @admin
    sorry, missed about future countrydetails page, will wait patiently, thank you.

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    re: typo, imdb target and runtime: fixed, fixed and fixed

  • @admin said in New Look and Functionality of

    actually the only way the site gets better is if people give criticism and suggestions.. so thank you

    You're welcome, I'm glad if I can help.

  • While changing the cast's position, I've noticed that you've kept its (slightly not white) background. Is it a choice or an oversight?

  • "Videos about to expire" used to display Series with nearly 1 month of anticipation, now it seems to display less than a week :(

  • Maybe I'm too late but I think I found the problem with your expiring page. You site (or database) seems to invert days and months.
    They are displayed the american way on netflix , so month/day/year, and your site seems to take it as day/month/year. So something which is supposed to expire tomorrow (4/2/2020) is not showing because your site thinks it expired the 4th of February.
    Sorry if you already knew that (or if it's not true).

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    @age92 we did notice this last week and we attempted to adjust... are you still seeing this issue? if so, can you provide an example

  • @admin For example I have Lovely Bones in france. It should expire today but it's not showing when I search for every movie expiring in france.
    Or inherent vice, supposed to expire the 8th but the site is showing it expiring in august.

    Lovely bones
    Inherent vice

    My search:

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    hrm... seem like Netflix has decided to start randomly changing how they display the date... we will have to look into it, why can't we all just use the same format... stupid borders!

  • In case extra data points help, these are showing as expiring on Netflix Australia but not on unogs:

    Bir Baba Hindu (exp April 3)
    Organize Isler (exp April 3)
    Elizabeth (exp April 10)
    Inside Man (exp April 10)
    Sophie's Choice (exp April 10)

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    re: expiring... the huge hammer i swung to fix the US issue seems to have broken everything else (sill US date convention)... I have now taken a more nuanced approach so we should see this fixed over the next 24 hours

  • @admin said in New Look and Functionality of

    If you want to find out what is expiring in a country, you can just select 'expiring' in the 'Select Filter' drop down.

    Hi! Where are the rest expiring videos?

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    re: expiring... read up the chain... we are having a few issues with expiring... should be sorted in the next 48 hours

  • @admin Sorry for that and good luck!
    And thank you for your site! I visit it almost daily to see what's new and what's leaving soon (and what's available in other countries). I'm very grateful it's available

  • I really dislike the new site.
    Some of my biggest complains:

    • I'd like the old saved queries to still work
    • sorting by date doesn't work, shows stuff from 2015
    • I'd prefer if I didn't to have to open a popup to change search options
    • I can't anymore middle click on a title to open it in a new tab, instead I have to open it in the pop up window, wait until it loads, and only there I can click on direct path

    Really I feel like you didn't add anything meaningful and removed all the best things

  • administrators

    re: your biggest complaints

    1. doubt this will ever happen as I pretty much hate the old format and want it to die
    2. it does work, just not in the order that you want (I will look into reversing it)
    3. I like the format of just having results on the page, honestly clicking a button to do a search is not a big deal
    4. The modal is necessary to accommodate checking multiple titles without losing your spot on the page, I may look into allowing both direct link and modal on the title selection but its not a top priority

  • With the new site, all the pages have the title "Netflix Global Search on uNoGS". I prefered when the title was the title of the video, made it easier to switch between several tabs. Was probably better for your SEO too.


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