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  • In case extra data points help, these are showing as expiring on Netflix Australia but not on unogs:

    Bir Baba Hindu (exp April 3)
    Organize Isler (exp April 3)
    Elizabeth (exp April 10)
    Inside Man (exp April 10)
    Sophie's Choice (exp April 10)

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    re: expiring... the huge hammer i swung to fix the US issue seems to have broken everything else (sill US date convention)... I have now taken a more nuanced approach so we should see this fixed over the next 24 hours

  • @admin said in New Look and Functionality of

    If you want to find out what is expiring in a country, you can just select 'expiring' in the 'Select Filter' drop down.

    Hi! Where are the rest expiring videos?

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    re: expiring... read up the chain... we are having a few issues with expiring... should be sorted in the next 48 hours

  • @admin Sorry for that and good luck!
    And thank you for your site! I visit it almost daily to see what's new and what's leaving soon (and what's available in other countries). I'm very grateful it's available

  • I really dislike the new site.
    Some of my biggest complains:

    • I'd like the old saved queries to still work
    • sorting by date doesn't work, shows stuff from 2015
    • I'd prefer if I didn't to have to open a popup to change search options
    • I can't anymore middle click on a title to open it in a new tab, instead I have to open it in the pop up window, wait until it loads, and only there I can click on direct path

    Really I feel like you didn't add anything meaningful and removed all the best things

  • administrators

    re: your biggest complaints

    1. doubt this will ever happen as I pretty much hate the old format and want it to die
    2. it does work, just not in the order that you want (I will look into reversing it)
    3. I like the format of just having results on the page, honestly clicking a button to do a search is not a big deal
    4. The modal is necessary to accommodate checking multiple titles without losing your spot on the page, I may look into allowing both direct link and modal on the title selection but its not a top priority

  • With the new site, all the pages have the title "Netflix Global Search on uNoGS". I prefered when the title was the title of the video, made it easier to switch between several tabs. Was probably better for your SEO too.

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    @All I have now added a Country Details section to the new website.

    Please accept our apologies for removing this apparently valuable section!

  • Sweet! Thanks so much for bringing it back.

  • Thanks your the update. But Turkey isn't right, expiring titles same as Netherlands. Can you update that please?

  • @admin great, thank you for "Country details" section.
    Can you also return in "Country Details" sorting from oldest to newest like in

  • I mean in "New video (last 7 days)" section, because in expiring videos sort order already right.

  • administrators

    re: video order... I will get this fixed today
    re: turkey vs netherlands... please provide specific examples of incorrect data

  • administrators

    re: video order, Done

  • I report a bug which when I find any movie or series about to expire selecting either in Country Details or Advanced Search > Select Fliter > Expiring. In the case of United States, finding a movie or series available of said country, when they're about to expire, the date is wrong which displays (YYYY/DD/MM) and the right display date is (YYYY/MM/DD). Please correct that bug. I will thank you.

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    looks like netflix are playing around with their standards again... we have updated and US should be sorted in the next 24 hours

  • About the turkish catalogue. I already sent an email at the beginning of the year, that there is something wrong about. For example
    That title isn't available in turkish Netflix. I tested it with some other titles and found a lot of wrong data. Somehow data looks mixed with the Netherlands catalogue. Also on the example i posted, why should there only be dutch subtitles availabe in turkey.

  • I report a bug which when I select a found video (film) in the list I see in my country which displays the bug "Seasons:)," Please correct it and I will thank you!

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    1. don't post your issue in 2 different places
    2. please provide a link or screen shot


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