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    re: accessibility
    Many thanks for the link, we will use it and try to clean things up.... Oddly enough it looks like our previous page had more errors ;)

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    re: nord
    countries updated

  • Infinite Scroll - I adore her
    alt text

  • I'm not a big fan of the new site. My main issue is the red font. With the old site, it was bearable thanks to the white background, but with the new site I find it very hard on the eye. Also there are several links at the bottom of the page (for example a link to this forum) that we can't even reach because of the infinite scroll.

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    I agree regarding the red font on the title page and we will get it fixed today at some point...

    Regarding the links at the bottom of the page, a link to this forum can be found under the 'contact' button on the header...

    What other links do you feel need to be highlighted?

  • Another issue I've found is that the order parameter (say order by title) does not seem to function anymore. I tend to order by title so I can see my filtered list alphabetically but I just get some random spat out list no matter what option I select.

    I also think the ExpressVPN advertising is getting a little intrusive. That big banner that pushes itself within the results is rather annoying - especially when I'm an ExpressVPN user already! I realize you need to make money from the project but honestly when the ads get that pushy it's at the point I want to up-sticks and move to one of your competitors - which is a shame.

  • Thank you very much for the red font!

    About the bottom links, their elusive vision gives a silly feeling, you should relocated them elsewhere IMHO.

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    re: red in title... fixed with a well... I tried white and it looked a bit horrible but I am happy with how it looks now
    re: title order, this was a bug... now fixed
    re: footer menu... the important stuff is in the header bar which is always on
    re: the ads... this is a work in progress but money talks... at the moment we capture 0 data about the end user for ourselves and resale and this is by design as I'm not a fan. Once I look at the revenue over the next week or so, if there is not change or a decrease they will be changed.

  • Seems that the list of newly added is not correct.
    Tully was added yesterday on Netflix UK for example and it only show that it's available in South Korea here.

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    yeah.. we are having some issues with the UK server at the moment... lots of moving parts here

  • @admin where can I find the "all sci-fi" , "all action" genre search option? I can't see.

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    you can now search for sci-fi and choose all that match... just start typing and the matches should come up...
    click for example

  • The expiring section is still a complete mess and not listing everything. This used to be my daily go to site.

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    re: expiring... This may not be an issue with the new site... please be more specific then 'a complete mess' that is very unhelpful

  • @admin ok if you search expiring titles in US it yields 18 results. In reality there are 6 expiring 3/30, 19 on 3/31, 62 on 4/1 etc. So why is the new site only pulling 18?

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    re: expiring... if the number of titles is incorrect, its a back end scraper issue not a new website issue as the database has not changed...

    You can check by looking at the old site if you are not sure.

    If you can provide the name of one of the titles expiring that we are not showing we will track it down and find out why

  • @admin said in New Look and Functionality of

    red in title... fixed with a well... I tried white and it looked a bit horrible but I am happy with how it looks now

    It's your website, it's your choices, but if I can give my opinion, it's a bit unsightly, like a big band aid in the face of the background picture. Personally I would have kept it below like with the old site.

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    if I can give my opinion, it's a bit unsightly

    Also it draws too much attention, like if this part is more important than the rest. It looks like a sticker to advertize something utmost important.

  • old site => updated:2020-03-30 08:10:50
    new site => updated:1585554813

  • @admin well now the old site isn’t pulling everything either.

    3/31. Father brown, Dads Army, Monkey Planet
    4/1. Kill Bill, Wild Wild West, Any Given Sunday, Harlem Nights
    4/2. Good Kill
    4/16 Lost Girl


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