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  • I actually sent an email about this in July last year, but didn't get a response and it was never fixed either: when I search a category on unogs like 'German TV shows' with only the Australia region set, it shows me 11 shows. The same category/genre number on the Netflix site shows 18 titles. Babylon Berlin and Dark are examples that don't show on unogs. The same applies to other genres. 'Canadian TV' shows over 60 titles on Netflix itself, but according to unogs, only 16 are available. For Korean TV, the difference is just as large again.

    unogs also shows no results if I use a Netflix genre number it apparently doesn't know, like 3056878, which is African TV shows. There are seven of these in the AU catalogue according to Netflix.

    Oh, and also, before the website update, info on seasons available on a show page and their number of episodes was displayed better. Like this: It was more readable than just 'Seasons:1:13,2:13,3:13'.

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    The genre information is not going to be exact and the genre's we display are based on what Netflix had when we scraped the information (we don't pull detail real-time, so there are bound to be differences

    re: season format... I will look into updating this so that it matches what we previously had

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    re: season format... this has been updated


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