An opportunity for folks living outside the EU

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    It would appear that in the last few months interest in our site has increased considerably Along with this interest, Netflix has taken a special interest in some of our accounts. Which puts us in a difficult situation.

    Some Context
    The way we pull details from Netflix involves generating a cookie and then using that cookie to interact with the same API their website uses. Historically we have had a US based account where we pulled this information from. Over the last few days this account has had extra measures employed which leaves the account working from a users perspective but not valid for scraping.

    With the introduction of EU rules Netflix have to maintain a common catalog based on a users region of origin. For accounts in the rest of the world they just show the available catalog for that region. As we are in the UK (technically still in the EU), we cannot purchase new Netflix accounts and get reliable information as they would only show the UK catalog (for eu countries)

    So what is the opportunity?

    If you are a current user of our API, have a valid Netflix account purchased outside the EU and want Ultra Access (75,000 requests / month) for free every month (25US Dollar Value), we are willing to provide this in exchange for your Netflix credentials. You will just need to email ( us your credentials along with what country you are in.

    We realise this is a strange request but unfortunately the future of uNoGS currently depends on us taking desperate measures. If anyone sends in details but does not get an offer we will email you to let you know so that you can change your password. On our side we will simply delete all information.


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    Ok, thanks for those folks that enquired... we now have a different less intrusive solution

  • Great news!

  • what if we use something like to share our accounts with you without revealing our actual passwords?

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    thanks brandon, not necessary at the moment as we have found another solution.


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