A new search option to search for stuff in a countries list, but not in other countries

  • This would be superb for finding unique items you can not find in your home country. Right?

    Could even be implemented a '!' in front of the country so could list say 'UK,!CA,!US' using numbers of course, but the idea is the same.

  • It's possible since a few weeks. In the advanced search, when you select the countries, you can select "or", "and" or "unique".

  • Nope, and/or/unique don't give the option to find everything in say South Korea not in Canada or Usa (where I normally search).

  • administrators

    @mshiels thanks for the suggestion... but it would be a nightmare on the database, doing what your suggesting hundreds of times a minute would slow things to a crawl..... but feel free to use our API to chop up results any way you see fit

  • How would this be any diffferent than an 'unique' search you already support,or are those canned searches/results? Sorry I work on some databases that process millions of tranactions a day so can see a query that should not be too nasty, but maybe for your db it would be. I am one of the guys that hunts/destroys db deadlocks etc in ms sql for our situation, so optimizing/making things like this work is what I do.

  • I support that wish- hunt for season not showing in my country
    For example secret city s.2


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