Allowing users to add missing titles

  • @admin This sounds good in theory but doesn't this defeat the original purpose of uNoGS as the most accurate provider for Netflix data? Won't the publication dates etc be incorrect unless the users are super active in adding missing titles?

  • administrators

    its 1 thing that we are doing, and don't you think its better to have them late than never?

  • @admin Sure if the data is even remotely accurate. There's really no reason to use the API for my purposes without accurate enough data

  • administrators

    Not sure what to tell you... we will endeavour to get the most accurate data any way we can

  • @admin In Argentina had an advance in adding titles in the last 48 hours, however, Mexico and Brazil are delayed, so must have added titles available in said countries, because have the most the titles (e.g. Mexico currently has 4,704 and has 4,680 titles when is selected "and" with Argentina) giving a result of 99.5% and in Brazil, Mexico has 4,368 counnting in both countries, giving a result of 92.9%.

  • The 'hiding of country specific titles' seems to be the latest thing to trip 'proxy/vpn' errors. Looks like any content outside your home country, now has a huge chance to trip that error - even in situations where it used to work a few weeks back. Not good for the Netflix VPN scene possibly!!

  • This isn't working. Here's a selection of some countries with less than 8 new releases within the last 7 days:

    Brazil: 8
    Germany: 8
    Greece: 8
    Hong Kong: 8
    Iceland: 8
    India: 9
    Italy: 8
    Japan: 8
    Netherlands: 8
    Poland: 8

    When compared to some of your competitors, this is less than 1/3 of all the releases.

  • administrators

    thats super helpful, thanks for doing your part

  • administrators

    We are working on something that will require minimal participation on the part of some trusted users, hopefully we will have something to announce by the end of the weekend

  • In Mexico, looks like only adds new releases (the most of these are Netflix originals) and as I said the most of titles adds simultaneously in comparison of spanish countries (Argentina) and Brazil


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