Allowing users to add missing titles

  • The 'hiding of country specific titles' seems to be the latest thing to trip 'proxy/vpn' errors. Looks like any content outside your home country, now has a huge chance to trip that error - even in situations where it used to work a few weeks back. Not good for the Netflix VPN scene possibly!!

  • This isn't working. Here's a selection of some countries with less than 8 new releases within the last 7 days:

    Brazil: 8
    Germany: 8
    Greece: 8
    Hong Kong: 8
    Iceland: 8
    India: 9
    Italy: 8
    Japan: 8
    Netherlands: 8
    Poland: 8

    When compared to some of your competitors, this is less than 1/3 of all the releases.

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    thats super helpful, thanks for doing your part

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    We are working on something that will require minimal participation on the part of some trusted users, hopefully we will have something to announce by the end of the weekend

  • In Mexico, looks like only adds new releases (the most of these are Netflix originals) and as I said the most of titles adds simultaneously in comparison of spanish countries (Argentina) and Brazil

  • I wanna just let you guys know that Elementary isn't in your list and I find the "add missing titles" complicated. :)

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    In which country is Elementary missing?
    What do you find confusing about "add missing titles"

    • enter username (optional)
    • select country you are in
    • add title id or list of title id's

  • Can't get submit to work. Love this helpful site, been using new VPN w/ Netflix for a few days, A big one you may want to add is:

    Saw "Family Guy" Animated US series on the UK site. UNOGS shows no results.

  • Can you update your database to include Cuties in Canada & the US. I'd do it but I have no idea what a Netflix ID is. Your add missing titles thingy says it accepts links but spat this link back.

  • "Guest" said in Allowing users to add missing titles:

    I have no idea what a Netflix ID is. Your add missing titles thingy says it accepts links but spat this link back.

    Online when referring to links, an iD number is typically the group of numbers etc in a URL to a certain page.. like a Social Security number but for media, they are unique for the sites that use them. So the iD number of the title you are referring to there would be 81111198 as it can bring you to the film on both sites. (UNOGS also changed its URL format to match Netflix, so now from any Netflix title page you can just change the part before ".com" to "unogs" & hit enter & vice-versa) ☆


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