Netflix is hiding results from VPN users!

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    What is the "Netflix hiding results" issue?
    Update: This issue has been elaborated on by TorrentFreak

    Over the last month or so Netflix have started hiding search results from people logging in over VPN's or via known cloud servers.

    You can see this at work when you search uNoGS for a title like "Toy Story". It shows as being in South Korea however, If you VPN into South Korea (Express VPN), login into Netflix and then search for this title, it will not show up.

    uNoGS sucks because it has bad information, right?


    If you click 'Watch Now' on the uNoGS title page, you will see the title is there with a Play button.

    So, before getting upset with us, please try clicking 'Watch Now'...
    If its not there, feel free to send us nasty emails!
    If you can't play the title with your VPN, please contact your VPN provider.

    How Is uNoGS overcoming these limitations?
    In order to combat this, we are allowing qualifying users to run a small piece of python code on their local machines which will update uNoGS with any missing titles. We have already tried this with the Czech Republic and Canada with fantastic success (over 130 titles between them).

    If you

    • know a little bit of python (enough to run a script)
    • are familiar with github
    • live in one of the countries we support.
      Please send us an email ( and we will set you up with the necessary information.

    Many thanks for your ongoing support!


    The following regions are now getting updated daily by our amazing volunteers!
    Czech Republic
    South Africa
    United Kingdom
    United States

  • Can you tell us more information? e.g. it's gonna take time or is it a one minute thing that I have to do every day?
    From Greece with love!

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    it takes about 10-15 minutes and you would need to run it once a day

  • Hi, do you provide Netflix's statistics for Indonesia? Thankyou in advance

  • you are awesome guys, thank you for your work

  • Interesting. Can you share a bit more about the mechanism behind Netflix’s obfuscation?

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    certain titles just don't show up in the search results... but it seems to depend on the source address of the request

  • UK too please!!

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    UK is done as well...

  • Pakistan please,.

  • Thank you so much for your work and time

  • @admin I found the same and, through the links in this site, you can actually access the movie start page. But, as soon as you play it, an unpleasant screen like "Pardon the interruption, if you are using an unblocker or a proxy please disable". Did anybody encounter the same issue?

  • Hi! I use a vpn and connect to different regions to access netflix, and I’ve noticed that for the last few weeks when I connect to one of this servers and access netflix, netflix only shows the netflix original content that’s available worldwide, like I can have 10 shows on my list (Like the office), and it will only show 3 and all of them NO (like ozark, dead to me), I thought this was an issue with my vpn, so I contacted my vpn support to get help, but it’s good, tho really sad, to know that this is netflix’s doing! Thanks for updating us. (Also i’m not sure if this is the issue you guys are talking about)

  • I used my VPN in Canada, searched Iron Man 3 and it showd up. Perhaps an issue with your VPN rather than them 'hiding' anything?

  • What vpn did you use to access Netflix?

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    Yes it does depend on your VPN, but its not just Canada... there are Hundreds of examples across many countries

  • @admin Just tested South Korea... first with ExpressVPN. Toy Story did not show up, it would also not let me play it, even using your direct link (proxy/VPN error). However, it would let me play some South Korean dramas that aren't available in other regions. However, I changed to Surfshark, connected to South Korea, Toy Story shows up when searching and will let me play it. I still don't feel Netflix is hiding titles for VPN users, they're simply blocking connections utilised by many users as they always have done.

  • ExpressVPN for Canada worked fine.

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    This post is deleted!

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    So with ExpressVPN Toy Story did not show up... Thank you for making my point, its there but it didn't show up, kind of the definition of hiding.. no?

    I am not suggesting that any 1 VPN should work over any others (it changes all the time) what I'm saying is that Netflix is hiding titles from some users based on their source address... Which they are!


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