Netflix is hiding results from VPN users!

  • @admin if i tell hear netflix will know and block, just like the people keep a secret from me how to rip the shows took me one year to discover it, and it is only a solution if you want to download JAPANESE KOREAN OR CHINESE NETFLIX just imagine shring and connection with more than 500 peoples and getting speeds no more than 100kbps, i came up with this solution when i tried to share my pirated 3g connection with the pc, so tecnically i search how to use http injector vpn on pc and came up that the same program that make internet works also unblocks asian netflixes, so if anyone tell me how to pirate an 30mbps internet, i keep to waiting minutes to pages to open

  • but i think panda vpn pro will also works, because it has a lot of dedicated netflix servers but i dont have money to afford a paid vpn

  • an update i also have amazon and i can tell i think no one vpn works anymore on prime after its update so will cancel it soon, the same vpn that works on netflix is blocked on prime

  • Personally I think williamw39 is full of shite. There is no "Chinese" netflix and he keeps dropping mentions of "P*ndaVPN" that comes recommended by no one, has no contact details on their website and uses a gmail address as their contact address. There are a limited number of big commercial VPN services that do work with Amazon Prime (US) but it's hit and miss and they'll often only work via browser and not via apps like a fire tv stick etc.

  • Can you please for Spain? Thank you.

  • Yes I am having the same issue

  • Same thing here. Having this checked out with my VPN provider.

  • Hi guys, so first my US vpn stopped working (Couldn’t access netflix, and then when I could the content was hidden) and I’ve been in contact with my vpn provider (seed4me) but they told me it’s gonna take time to have new us servers, and I was using a UK server and now netflix blocked it too, so a few months ago I could access netflix us, uk, japan, canada and more and now nothing, it’s really sad!! But thanks for sharing cause now I know it isn’t my computer or my vpn provider, but netflix!!

  • is netflix removing billions season 5 in brazil/japan?
    i think last week i can still access s5 using expressvpn by choosing brazil as the country.

  • I have been using express vpn to access Netflix since December of last year but in January countries like South Korea, India , Australia and others stopped working and a few days ago regions like Brazil and Argentina stopped working.
    Luckily at least countries like Canada, The U.S, The U.K and a few other countries in Europe are working.

    Can any one help me with this issue?

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  • This post is deleted!

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Any chance for a JP fix?

  • Brazil please. Brooklyn 99, Modern Family, and Suits not working. Thanks!

  • It may take several weeks to find a workaround, most likely... Too bad, I really like EXPRESS VPN but if they can't fix this, is a deal breaker for me

  • my vpn is now blocked on netflix, i didnt say hiding i said blocked, i cannot see digimon 2020 and with some ips i get totally blocked, i think is a war betewenn productios and vpns providers

  • Express vpn doesnt work at all everytime i search for a movie on brazil uk etc. Its hiding the movie express is not the best please reply if yours is working with nordvpn


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