Netflix is hiding results from VPN users!

  • No, I'm really not "forgetting" that they sell the same digital content at astronomically different prices to two different people in an Internet-connected world. I'm not forgetting that. I'm saying that is exactly the problem. They're clinging to a dead model. Look: 30 years ago, you would get on a plane, and if you asked the persons on your left and your right what they paid for the tickets, the differences between the three of you were enormous. This is because the airlines would quietly market seats much higher to people who had gotten used to paying a lot, etc. The internet (and particularly one internet tool that everyone now uses) killed that. Other example: once the iPhone came along, with a touch screen and icons and things you could swipe or squeeze on the screen, that was it: everyone wanted that, and Android became that and lived, and Blackberry did not, and died. Once Netflix came along, that was it: you notice Prime and Disney trying to become that (and failing, because they are still resisting the model). You can't send the kids back to the farm once they've seen the city. If Warner Brothers wants to try to look at their world map and move me around like a piece on their board, or a sheep in their shearing pen, because they've decided I have too much money to get the good price, that is their fantasy, and their problem. I'm not playing. And at the end of the day, Netflix knows I am the one paying the bills and keeping the lights on at Netflix. Netflix should turn to the studio and say (as they used to, before they betrayed us customers): "Bob is my customer and he's connecting from Dallas, and I'm not going to spy on my own customer. Go learn about the Internet and fix your business model so it works in the new century."

  • Im trying to watch something in Japan but It detects my VPN. Im using Express VPN :(

  • did u find a fix i rlly wanna watch harry potter

  • @admin Hey. Just tried to watch Goblin Slayer which is listed as being available in English on the Singapore server via Express VPN as it wasn't dubbed into English on the India server despite being listed hereas being dubbed and it wasn't showing up. Using Nord VPN/Express from Australia to stream to my TV. Is this was going on here?

  • Why bother watching ANYTHING dubbed? Just use subtitles.....

  • indonesia region need a bunch of anime series and movies and Japanese drama too,Thanks

  • @admin I live in Sweden and would like to watch Naruto Road to Ninja Movie(2012) but it doesn't work with the VPN or the link you guys provided, please look in to it.

    Best Regards!

  • But why doesn't Toy Story show up on unogs' search? lol

  • @williamw39 so you found a great working free vpn but you're considering buying a different and expensive vpn?

  • This method doesn't work, after clicking Watch on Netflix, you get the proxy error.

  • Hey, I sent you an email regarding the script. :)

  • Expiring titles haven't been showing up for most countries for a little while now. They usually show up as leaving about 7 days in advance, but with only 5 days to the end of the month where oftentimes many titles retire, so far for the past week, none has shown up.

  • Its still there, netflix are just hiding it because thry recognise u are using a vpn


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