EU Countries have been removed, but will return

  • administrators

    Due to new EU regulations Netflix is now associating the titles presented with the account location of the EU user. This is causing the titles being pulled by our remote servers to no longer accurately show only titles associated with the country they are in.

    We have a fix in mind but it will take a couple days to sort out.

    Once we again have accurate information for EU countries we will add them back to uNoGS.

    Sorry for any inconvenience!


    Countries Affected:

    | id  | country         | cc   |
    |  39 | Germany         | DE   |
    |  45 | France          | FR   |
    |  67 | Netherlands     | NL   |
    |  73 | Sweden          | SE   |
    | 270 | Spain           | ES   |
    | 307 | Czech Republic  | CZ   |
    | 357 | Lithuania       | LT   |
    | 392 | Poland          | PL   |
    | 412 | Slovakia        | SK   |

  • Thanks for the update! Good to hear that there will be a fix!

  • Thanks. But Switzerland has also disappeared, and they are not affected by the new EU regulations (and does not appear in the list of affected countries posted above). Could you please add Switzerland again? Thank you.

  • Merci car cela manque

  • So...Is this the reason that the number of the country i can search has reduced to 12 from 21 now???

    And....where's Turkey???

  • administrators

    yes... and Turkey has not been around since Sept when we dropped most of our countries... because of this:

  • Hello, is there any news regarding the state of the recently updated show Steven Universe? Would love to hear if you can find any more countries that have it and which all are getting season 2.


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