Are you playing Pokémon GO?!

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    Seems like the whole world is addicted to Pokémon GO. Since the launch of this game, walking down the street each day to work and back, I see folks playing this game everywhere on the street. I take notice when they on their phone and suddenly stop and start the swiping action in trying to catch that Pokémon.
    My two older kids are into it and the great thing about this game is that it gets them out of the house and they do quite a bit of walking to catch these Pokémon. The bad thing, they are less aware of their surrounding and glued to their phones, in which I have lecture and constantly remind them about it. Out of curiosity and to be in tune with my kids, I even downloaded to game just to see what it the hype was all about, played it for a couple of days and lost interest.
    You would think this game is geared for the younger kids and teens, but the people I see playing them game on the city street are nowhere near teenagers or children, they are grown adults--which is fascinating. I guess the younger adults who are playing the game grew up with Pokémon so it has an appeal to them. For me Pokémon didn't exist when I was young so it's not my thing. The only reason I'm aware of Pokémon and in tune with it, is because my two kids have been heavily into them since they were little, so it just makes sense that they love the game and it is a challenge for them.
    -- So do you playing Pokémon GO? Why or why not?

    Please help.

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