Reporting Wrong info about Movies and Tv shows

  • Hi im new to the forum so please excuse me if i have posted this in the wrong place.

    Sometimes when im on the site i find many of the DC shows such as the flash,arrow and supergirl etc are showing as available in certain regions (mostly europe) however 90 percent of these regions dont have these shows and the remaining 10 percent have the amount of seasons as the wrong anount! So my question is!........ there any plans to add a link where we can report this wrong information so that others arnt spending lots of times going through the different regions on their vpn’s?

  • administrators

    you can report it here...
    just give a specific example, so we can work out what you are seeing...
    Also include your country of origin, If you are signed up in an EU country your catalog follows you from country to country so you can't take advantage of VPN's etc.


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