Type drop-down menu

  • Hi, I have been using the site a TON lately. I love it. I would like to propose making some modifications to the Type menu. This is actually one of the most important of all the search features. My proposal would be to make the design a bit more simple. For example, right now its in more of a traditional drop-down list. And so you have:

    Brazilian Comedy
    Brazilian Action
    British Comedy
    British Action

    My thought would be to deconstruct those strings so that the user can have more flexibility. So in the above example, you would have separate checkboxes for the countries, and for the genres. It would allow the user to include or exclude by attribute.

    I would love to take the entire list, and put together a proposed redesign. I would need access to the list of values in order to do this. After using the site pretty heavily recently, I think this is probably the highest value change you could make right now.


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